Feature Artices by Jason Kersten

Where Trump Wants to Be Buried
How an untrained gardener created a Versailles-inspired landscape at the Trump National Golf Club.
The New Yorker, October 24, 2016

Inside the Incredible Booming Subterranean Marijuana Railroad
The Feds can't see them. Or hear the digging. They don't know how many there are or where they are headed. They know only that the tunnels are coming. And when they cross our border, when the soil gives way and the drugs start flowing, it's already too late. Jason Kersten uncovers a battleground hidden beneath our feet.
GQ, December 2014

Water Colors
Art and conservation go together like paint on canvas. A portrait of the artist James Prosek.
The Nature Conservancy Magazine, cover story, Issue 3, 2013.

Remembering Her Well
America's most creative piece of real estate is surrendering its roots to tourist dollars. With remembrances that include awkward dinners with Warhol and Burroughs, elevator rides with Peter O'Toole, and discussing portals to hell in the basement with Dee Dee Ramone, this may be the last oral history of the Chelsea Hotel.
Manhattan Magazine, April 2013

Welcome to El Uno
What does it take to restore a short-grass praire in the heart of Mexico’s drug war? You need to make a very big statement. 

The Nature Conservancy Magazine, cover story, Issue 4
, 2011.

A Leaf Grows in Brooklyn
A summer in nature changed Joshua's life—now he's returning the favor. Energizing the conservation movement, one kid at a time.

The Nature Conservancy Magazine, cover story, Issue 2, 2011.

The Airplane Thief
Colton Harris-Moore was just another troubled teen on the run from the law. Then—with no flight training whatsoever— he started stealing airplanes, and became America's most famous teen outlaw.
Rolling Stone, May 2010

Gangsters' Paradise
With never-before-seen artifacts from Mafia families, a new museum on the Vegas strip is about to bring us closer to the mob than Hollywood ever could. In a groundbreaking article that adds to history, the children of the world's most famous mobsters reveal bombshell facts unknown until now. It's an offer you can't refuse.
Maxim, December 2010

The Bandit of Ballarat
He led lawmen on 1500-mile chase through some of the West's most unforgiving wilderness, outsmarting them at every turn. No one knew his identity—until now.
Men's Journal, March 2007

The Art of Making Money
In an era when counterfeiting has become the domain of amateurs, one of the last masters reveals how he conquered the 1996 New Note and printed millions. For one priceless moment, his father was proud.
Rolling Stone, July 2005

Journal of the Dead
Two friends went camping in the New Mexican desert. Only one emerged alive. When trial begins this month, their diary will help decide: Was it mercy or murder?
Maxim, January 2000

"Now We Teach You How to Bow"
What's it like to be torturned, interrogated, and thrown into solitary confinement for three years? In his last interview, an America hero told us about his stay at the Hanoi Hilton. By the late U.S.A.F. Col. Ted Guy, as told to Jason Kersten.
Maxim, July/August 1999