Why Do I

Readers of The Art of Making Money know that one of the book's principle themes is sons growing up in the shadow of paternal neglect—and trying to both rectify and break free from that emptiness through creative expression. "Why Do I" lays out Little Art’s own answer to that trans-generational struggle. He sums it up beautifully:

I know I was corrupted through the negligence
Always influenced to go down the wrong road
Then I got encouragement to keep on rappin'
Just to leave everybody in astonishment and gain self-confidence

Substitute counterfeitin' for rappin', and Little Art could be singing of his father's own, more criminal route towards self-expression. The echoing chorus Why Do I embodies the uncertainty of it all, how our acts of expression are really just shouts thrown into the wind, to be heard or not. "Why Do I" is one of Big Art's favorite of his son's songs.